Russia-Ukraine conflict

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The conflict is between Jews and Slavs people in real. It is not between Russia and Ukraine.

The Jews goal - is to conquer everyone and the whole world. Talmud demands this.

The Slavs goal - to be independent from everyone. This is the culture phenomenon.

The most powerful Jews sects in the world:

  • Ortodox in Israel (center in Jerusalem 31°N 35°E)
  • Banks in USA (center in Federal Reserve System)
  • Chabad and Ashkenazi in Ukraine (center in Dnipropetrovsk 48°N 35°E -Uman)
  • Khazars in Russia (center in Moscow-Volgograd 48°N 44°E)

Jews are innocent of course :-), because they have no right to make mistakes.

The Jews goal in the Russia-Ukraine conflict - to tire out natural forces of Slavs making an ordinary men's life as worst as possible.

The Slavs goal in the Russia-Ukraine conflict - to exhaust power of any government.

Fakes from mass-media[edit]

liars say "EU proposed a bad pact to Ukraine"[edit]

This is not important news. Just after USSR collapse there were a lot of such pacts. And this new pact is only next one. Polite diplomacy.

Simple people that live in Ukraine desire to have high living stardards like in EU (more money, better infrastructure). BUT simple people do not want to work like in EU. There are a lot of Jews in Ukraine previously chased from Poland. Why did Hitler begin war with USSR? Because he wanted to win Jews and their Communism ideology.

So EU will never give good pact for Ukraine because it is too expensive. Ukraine will corrupt much more money than Greece :-) In other words EU will propose bad pacts to Ukraine always.

liars say "USA did sponsor riots"[edit]

This was said in order to increase hatred to USA that has good democracy and powerful economy.

These riots were sponsored by Jews, not by USA. By Jews Ashkenazi, By Jews from Russia. Putin sponsored riots too. For example, Jews in Ukraine "forgot" Svoboda party antisemitism to support EuroMaidan riots.

Previous Orange Maidan in 2004 was sponsored and organized mainly by Slavs. I took part in Maidan in 2004, but I did not take part in this ugly EuroMaidan of 2014.

Jews, I love you![edit]

Please understand, I love Jews.

           Lord Jesus Christ is a Jew. Every christian is a Jew by Spirit.

Modern Jews that do not believe Jesus, but only believe Talmud are really bad guys... And only God is their Judge.

World War 3 begining[edit]

From here it is really seems that WW3 may begin. And Russia wants this of course to create NewOrder. And Ukraine is not good as well.

And of course EU and USA want to create NewOrder by simulating defence fights.

What to do?[edit]

  • we do NOT watch TV-news at all, only some cartoons for children, or melodrama, sport, science programs
  • we do read news web-sites seldom, once-twice per week
  • we do live and enjoy life as it is....

Wish you good thoughts!